Our Family History

The Tree of Me

In Australia - Agnew, Allsop, Dawson, Flynn, Halloran/O'Halloran, Henry, McColm, McInerney, Merchant, Moore, Mylan/Moylan, Ogden, Ryan, Seabrook, White.

In Ireland - Agnew, Birt, Davenport, Dawson, Flynn, Giles, Halloran/O'Halloran, Hanna/Hannah, Lagan, McElwee, McInerney, Moore, Moylan, Ryan

In England - Allsop, Harrison, Hope, Lee/Ley, Merchant, Ogden, Hodgkinson, Seabrook, White

In Scotland - Fleming, McColm, Milroy

The Tree of Him

In Australia - Brennan, Dawson, Glock, Kerr, Key, Ryan, Scheef, Spatch/Spetch, Squires, Tobin, Waters

In Ireland - Brennan, Ryan, Tobin

In Germany - Glock, Scheef

In England - Key, Pickett, Waters, Spatch, Squires

In Scotland - Kerr, Smail

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